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Who practices yoga and why?

Yoga is for every body. Its non exclusive and appeals to a wide variety of people from every corner of society.

People from all walks of life, varying ages, cultures, spiritual leanings, gender and sexuality are all drawn towards this peaceful path and go on to live more vibrant and fulfilling lives as a result.

The reasons why people find themselves drawn to this ancient practice is as varied as the students themselves.

Here are Some of the most popular reasons why people take up yoga:

  • To encourage positive sleeping patterns

  • Assist injury

  • Develop strength, flexibility and increase general mobility

  • Calm down, recharge, rest and renewal

  • To maintain general health and fitness

  • De-stress

  • Explore spiritual growth

  • Strength and mobility

  • To manage anxiety and or depression​

  • To connect and discover you deep inner/outer purpose in life

  • Great for balancing hormones

  • Menstural pain relief

One of the most interesting aspects of yoga is the way in which it works on a subtle level. As your relationship with yoga blossoms you start to notice quite clearly that somehow life has become simpler. Old ideas that no longer serve you well seem to simply fall away. leaving you feeling brighter and lighter. Yoga creates space in the body which in turn creates space in the mind. Your awareness expands in every direction and a new sense of spaciousness arrives. 

This magical quality is something all students seem to notice and is often an unexpected, though welcomed, symptom of the practice.

Yoga can manage stress, depression and anxiety very effectively when it is properly incorporated into your life.