Pilates with Chris...

Jo says " Chris is a good friend of ours and i consider him  family. He gave me one of my first yoga classes which was very flattering and encouraging at the time. Especially as i consider Chris to be one of the top teachers in the area!" 

We're very lucky to have him floating around Onespace

Studios "

Chris loves teaching yoga and pilates and has a strong connection to all of his students, many of whom have practiced with him for years. He offers an hour of Pilates and Yoga once a week on a thursday. The classes run back to back so many of the class members do both!.

His classes are fun, challenging and considered every step of the way. His classes are always non exclusive as he intelligently tends to all of his students needs. His classes are tailored to all levels. He has a keen eye and pays attention to detail helping everybody to develop in their own way at their own pace. 

Chris's classes are always refreshing and uplifting leaving you feeling inspired, confident and surprised by what you have achieved. Chris has an amazing talent of bringing out the best in you.